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Benefit–Sunday Night!

Following is a message from Ardys Ramberg about two of our friends from NetworQ–you may remember they attended occasionally, especially around Thanksgiving?  Due to a very unfortunate accident, Neva passed away during the recent very cold weather, and now her partner, Carol, is living on her own, without the personal or the financial help of Carol.

Some friends have organized a lovely event at the Replay Lounge on Sunday, which is described in the message below–hope to see y’all there!

Hello everyone–
You may remember the dancing ladies you’ve seen when you were out listening to music.  One of them, Neva, was noticeably older than the rest of us, and her glow reached deep inside us all.  It was so wonderful to watch Carol and Neva dance together!!

Well, unless you are more in tune to certain things than I am, Neva can only be here in memory now, and Carol dances with others, like Lu, or me, or Greg, or whoever joins her to the music.  She is undaunted, and lives for the music, as ever.

So Bradford and I and many other musicians will play at the Replay Lounge, thanks to the gathering made possible by a fine woman named Wendy.

That’s on Sunday, February 7.  Ardys (Ramberg)  and Bradford (Hoopes) start the party at 4:00 P.M. and others will take us into the night.  From 7:30 to 8:00, friends will share remembrances of Neva.

Oh, mortality is harsh.  Thank goodness Carol is resilient!


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