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New LGBT Books and Media

Looking for something new to read or watch?  Then you might want to check out these four  websites:

GLBT Reviews

Book and media reviews written by members of the American Library Association’s LGBT Round Table.  Categories they review are: Adult, Fiction, Audio Book, Comics/Graphic Novels, Erotica, Film, Comedy/Drama,Documentary, Nonfiction, Biography/Memoir, Photography, Poetry, Historic, Reviews, Youth, Fiction, Comics/Graphic Novels, Film, Documentary, and Nonfiction.

Over the Rainbow Books
Each year the American Library Association’s LGBT Round Table reads hundreds of adult books to find the best of the year in 8 different categories.  The nominations and the final list are posted to their blog. The titles are for those readers over age 18.  

If you’re looking for titles that are recommended for readers age birth to 18, or would like to give your favorite niece or nephew a good lgbtiq book to read then check out the Rainbow Books:

Rainbow Book List
A recommended list of titles that includes the best of fiction and non-fiction for youth–check it out!

Lambda Literary
Since 1989 this group has been reviewing and rewarding all types of literature, fiction and non-fiction.  They also cover the LGBT publishing world and have their finger on the pulse of what’s cool and new, today.  They include every type of book published, which means they include more erotica than the librarian lists  8)  


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