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About NetworQ

NetworQ–Where Pride and Party Meet!

How does NetworQ Work?

We host fun events such as dance parties, picnics, and other social activities (trivia night, bingo, bowling, and guerrilla bars just to name a few).  In October, you can get wild at our Halloween Party. The whole family gets together for a nice gay Thanksgiving, in November. In December, it’s the infamous White Elephant gift exchange (hilarity ensues). In recognition of being in a larger community, we donate to the local food pantry as well as to other charities. So that is a little about what we do.

This is how we do it: it is all done by volunteers!

There is a volunteer committee that meets monthly. The committee decides what to do, and then makes these ideas a reality. Usually events involve advertising, set up, operating (including the music), and clean up. All of this is done by volunteers.

NetworQ needs volunteers to continue. Please email us to get involved! (You can help us with ideas, planning, and even hands-on hosting if you like 🙂

Email NetworQ 


Events also take money (to buy the food and supplies, rent a venue, etc.).

NetworQ needs money to continue. Please donate to help us keep Lawrence gayly active!

Like all volunteer organizations, NetworQ is run by those who participate.

It is an exciting and fun organization, and we’d love to have fun with you.

In the past NetworQ asked for annual membership donations of $10 for individuals and $15 for households, but any amount is greatly appreciated

NetworQ is not a recognizable charity by the IRS and so no, your donation is not tax deductible. However, if you want, we could manage to scrape up a fake autographed picture of Anderson Cooper or Rachel Maddow for you. Or Fritz the cat. Or Odie the dog. We really do appreciate your help, and we really, really would like to have you come play with us!


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