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Committee and Minutes

Members of the NetworQ Committee are:

Chair: Paula Schumacher

Secretary: Becca Burns

Treasurer: Michael Butell

Service: Pat Phillips & Lisa Miller

Membership & Outreach: Arla Jones

Website: Arla Jones

At large: Gretchen Heasty (on sabbatical), Pam Weigand,  John Connolly, Steve Maceli,  Kim Kreicker, Rex Brandt, Aydin Tabrizi, Jim Dick, Lindsay Buck.

NetworQ Committee Member Emeritas:  Deb Taylor

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It was decided at the July 2009 Board meeting that we would start posting the minutes from our meetings, so…

Here goes–

July 2015

June 2015

NetworQ Comm April 2015

Networq Committee Feb 5 2015

NetworQ Committee November 2014

NetworQ Committee October 2014

NetworQ Committee August 2014

NetworQ Committee Minutes June 2014

NetworQ Committee Minutes May 2014

NetworQ Committee Minutes April 2014

NetworQ Committee Minutes February 2014

Networq Committee Minutes December 2013

Networq Committee Minutes September 2013

NetworQ Committee Minutes August 2013

NetworQ Committee Minutes May 2013

Networq Committee Minutes March 2013

NetworQ Committee Minutes Jan 2013

NetworQ Minutes Dec 2012

NetworQ Minutes Nov 2012

NetworQ Exec Minutes Oct-4-2012

NetworQ Exec Minutes 9-6-12

NetworQ Exec Minutes 8-2-12

NetworQ Exec Minutes 6-2-12

NetworQ Exec Minutes 5-3-12

NetworQ Exec Minutes 4-5-12

NetworQ Exec Minutes 2-2-12

NetworQ Exec Minutes 1-5-12

NetworQ Exec Minutes 12-1-11

NetworQ Exec Minutes 11-3-11

NetworQ Exec Minutes 10-6-11

NetworQ Exec Minutes 9-1-11

NetworQ Exec Minutes 8-6-11

NetworQ Exec Minutes 7-7-11

NetworQ Exec Minutes 6-2-11

NetworQ Exec Minutes 5-12-11

NetworQ Exec Minutes 4-7-11

NetworQ Exec Minutes 3-3-11

NetworQ Exec Minutes 2-6-11

NetworQ Exec Minutes 1-6-11

NetworQ Board Minutes 12-2-2010

NetworQ Board Minutes 11-4-2010

NetworQ Board Minutes 10-7-2010

NetworQ Board Minutes 9-9-2010

NetworQ Board Minutes 8-5-2010

NetworQ Board Minutes 7-1-2010

NetworQ Board Minutes 6-3-2010

NetworQ Board Minutes 5-6-2010

NetworQ Board Minutes 4-1-2010

NetworQ Board Minutes 3-4-2010

NetworQ Board Minutes 2-4-2010

NetworQ Board Minutes 1-7-2010

NetworQ Board Minutes 12-3-2009

NetworQ Board Minutes 11-5-2009

NetworQ Board Minutes 10-1-2009

NetworQ Board Minutes 9-3-2009

NetworQ Board Minutes 8-6-2009

NetworQ Board Minutes 7-2-2009

NetworQ Board Minutes 6-4-2009

NetworQ Board Minutes 5-7-2009

Check out the video our committee made when the It Gets Better Project came to town to play before the show started–

2012-2013 NetworQ Committee

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The 2010 NetworQ Board


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