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Event for GLF turning 50!

How it all began

The Lawrence Gay Liberation Front formed in the summer of 1970–a year after the Stonewall Riots in New York ignited the Gay Rights Movement.

According to an article in the Fall 1991 FALA Update (a KU LGBT alumni newsletter) by Michael Nelson and Charles Dedmon: “unattached groups of gay people existed who were interested in forming a local Gay Liberation Front. A social work student, working on a paper about alternative lifestyles, became the inadvertent founder of GLF when one of his interviewees tacked a message with his name and phone number at strategic places on campus frequented by gay men.”

The note encouraged these men to make their presence known to the campus as a whole and to find a better quality of life as a gay person.

GLF is most famous for it’s huge dance parties that packed the KU ballroom. Ruth Lichtwardt wrote in “A Stroll Down Gayhawk Lane”:

“The dance was in the Union ballroom. Several hundred people were already there when we arrived, including many from Kansas City who would normally have been at the bars. A DJ with a huge light and sound system was at one end of the room, booming out disco music (yes, it was that era). Crowded tables were set up around the sides, and beer was being sold from a booth.. People we talked to had come in from Manhattan, Topeka and even Omaha for this dance.”

The dances continued through the ’90s.

50 Year Reunion Planned

NetworQ is going to hold a reunion party for GLF! We want your stories, your pictures, your ideas to help us plan an event that our predecessors will be proud of!  If we raise enough money we might do something like install a plaque somewhere in the Union — what do you think?





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